COVID-19 information

I take patient safety very seriously. I have installed a medical grade air purifier and made additional updates to my office space and processes to enhance sanitation for patients and myself. I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as of January 2021 and continue to wear a mask in public and, of course, in my clinic. I ask you to wear a mask, wash or sanitize hands as you enter and leave. If some aspect of treatment will require your mask off, you may remove it but please replace it when able.

Please ONLY leave home or come into the office if you have not had symptoms or known exposure to COVID-19 or other contagions in the 3 weeks prior to your appointment. Please contact me to reschedule if you are not well or find out of a recent exposure to any contagious illness. I am happy to assist in rescheduling appointments without penalty. You can self schedule HERE for Tuesdays 9-5 or Fridays 9-noon but PLEASE let me know if you need other days or times or if anything needs cancelled or adjusted for any reason, even on short notice. If you are needing days/times not shown, just text or VM 402-915-2756 to make arrangements. I often can accommodate!

I had also applied for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) Certificate of Compliance ID 16D2188023 but due to the amount of work and cost involved, I ultimately opted to reduce my level of certification. As of March 2021, I no longer offer the antigen test for COVID-19 with lab status now at a Certificate of Waiver. If COVID-19 testing becomes available under waived status, I will consider offering testing again and will send out an update.

When you arrive for your appointment, you may enter the building with your mask on and come into my suite or there are also chairs in the front hall if I am not quite done with the patient before you. I am still timing appointments generously to try to minimize patient overlap and waiting, however, at times it is unavoidable. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Also, if you need to contact me, please be aware that I routinely have my phone silenced while seeing patients so I apologize that I may not notice calls or texts immediately.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping my office space safe and healthy!

Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead