Stacey04edit 2018 closeWelcome to CB Skin Secrets!  I can help you to look your best with skin care, information, minimally and non-invasive face-lifting and anti aging, body shaping and skin tightening procedures as well as professional grade skincare products which actually work!

I am a board-certified general surgeon practicing in Council Bluffs, Iowa including the Southwest Iowa and greater Omaha, Nebraska areas since 2003 and have offered aesthetic products and services since 2008.  I will personally work with you directly to plan your care and answer your questions.  Nowhere else will you have this level of personal access to your surgeon.  At CB Skin Secrets, you are treated like one in a million, not one of a million.

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Here are some of the treatments and products I offer.

I offer financing options!  Click here to learn more about a low or no interest card.  CareCredit 6mo no interest or 2 year deferred interest options are available as well.  Applying for these financing options is a quick and easy process and will NOT hurt your credit.

CB Skin Secrets is located in the 1 story commercial Harvester building on the south end of the block, suite 400 at 1010 S Main St in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  To avoid possible train track delays, follow these directionsHere are some other businesses and there is information about the gallery and apartment lofts in the Harvester Artspace Lofts.