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BBL (Broad Band Light by Sciton) – Visible light, various filters and built in cooling help select specific targets and protect nontargets, no downtime, no anesthetic needed other than topicals or cold air.

Treatments Offered:

  • BBL Forever Young Skin Rejuvenation– Evens out skin color/ tone, removes red and brown spots/sun damage, softens lines and pores, lessens acne, stretch marks diminished AND stimulates collagen! For most, no recovery time, no wound just correction and restoration of more youthful function of the skin. Maintenance recommended every 6-12 months to continue an anti aging effect but treatments can be done as often as monthly. Multiply effects with OBAGI, Colorescience, SkinTyte (Brighten & Tighten) and MLP/Profractional or Thermi.
  • BBL for Vascularity & Redness – Appropriate for vessels <1mm, “broken capillaries,” spider veins, telangiectasias, rosacea, scar or stretch mark redness– some immediate closure, some progressive improvement in appearance in subsequent days/weeks, possibly requiring additional treatments.
  • BBL for Acne Control – Reduces redness of existing acne immediately, helps prevent further breakouts, best results with a series of 2-3 treatments over a few weeks, maintenance treatments as needed and in combination with OBAGI CLENZIderm products, NuDerm with tretinoin or 360 with retinol and Colorescience for spf.
  • BBL Permanent Hair Reduction– A series of treatments will be recommended based on location, hair will exfoliate over 1-3 weeks but may appear to be “growing” or more dense prior to final results of 75-80% permanent hair reduction. Maintenance treatments can be done as needed.
  • SkinTyte – Skin tightening is great on arms, bellies, neck and jaw line or sagging skin around the face or eyelids. Lax, loose skin can be tightened and strengthened without a knife! Best results with a series of treatments and in combination with Forever Young skin rejuvenation, OBAGI and/or thermi.
  • Brighten & Tighten–Combine all the anti-aging and skin brightening benefits of BBL Forever Young with targeted tightening of skin laxity for an easy to tolerate yet powerful treatment!

BBL Patient Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Erbium Laser (Contour by Sciton) – Ablative laser which removes the surface of the skin creating a minor wound over the surface treated. The laser is often used with topical and/or local injected anesthetic for a block, short recovery determined mostly by aggressiveness of treatment depth but patient related factors may also contribute.

Treatments Offered:

  • Profractional Skin Remodeling – A fractionated laser which ablates a fraction of the surface but works deep in the skin to stimulate collagen production, reduces lines/deeper wrinkles, scars and many types of skin discoloration. Great for sagging eyelids to postpone need for surgery. Significant improvement in scars and even contracted burns. Short recovery time but amazing results! To visualize, think of aerating your lawn!
  • Laser Resurfacing -An aggressive laser treatment for severe skin texture issues and damage from inherited traits, age, sun, smoking. The advances of the Sciton erbium laser allow significant reduction in resolving redness as compared to CO2 devices. Healing time of 6-14 days, swelling and redness improve daily over days to weeks. This process reveals fresh, new skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Laser Peel– Precise ablation of a portion of epidermis at controlled depths from 10-70 microns, smoother texture and color, softens fine lines, all with less down time than resurfacing. Wound will be red and dry requiring occlusive ointments for usually 3-5 days, some swelling in first few days; peeling/flaking occurs as healing takes place.
  • Arctic Mini Peel– Ablates the surface of skin only, requires several applications to achieve similar results as a LaserPeel but only about a day or two of minimal recovery and less redness or flaking.
  • Spot Removal– Destroys moles, protruding lesions like so skin tags or warts etc. If there is ANY concern for skin cancer, spots can be biopsied ( I am a General Surgeon).

Laser Patient Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

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