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OBAGI- Prescription strength, medical grade products that work wonders on their own or to complement and help maintain results achieved with other treatments.  Get the free Obagi Premier Points app on your smartphone, log in with Facebook for 50 bonus points or with email, and I will log your appropriate purchases so you can earn free products as well as keep track of your Obagi total purchases and give you 20% of your Obagi total back as credit towards light, laser or thermiSmooth body procedures! You won’t get these benefits ordering online (not to mention the security of knowing the products you buy are genuine and use is explained).

Products available:

Condition and Enhance Kit– The most powerful system for fighting signs of aging and sun damage. Great to prepare for or help maintain results from light or laser treatments. Condition & Enhance fades brown spots, reduces appearance of wrinkles, pores and acne, makes skin smoother, softer and corrects dull, ruddy appearing skin. Kit includes Gentle Cleanser or Foaming Gel, Toner, Clear (fades brown spots), Exfoderm or Exfoderm Forte, Blender (fades brown spots and drives the tretinoin deeper into skin for more effectiveness – tretinoin sold separately) and Healthy Skin Protection SPF35 (Physical UV Block SPF 32 also included in the Surgical kit). Kits come in convenient travel sizes but individual products can be purchased in larger sizes. Kits are packaged for or Surgical (~normal to dry) or Nonsurgical (~normal to oily) needs.

Additional kits include Gentle Rejuvenation for sensitive skin, rosacea or those wanting to avoid tretinoin but still achieve antiaging, 360 for early sun damage control and correction in 3 quick, easy steps.  Now Suzan Obagi products are also available for those wanting more natural skin care which is highly effective, provides antioxidants and calming components with No parabens, dyes, irritants or perfumes.

Professional Vitamin C Serums and Products– Perfect for skin with lighter sun & aging damage or to prevent such damage and brighten and strengthen skin. Obagi’s ingredients penetrate the skin better than over the counter products to protect from damaging free radicals by providing maximal antioxidant activity.

CLENZIderm products– Simple but extremely effective products for acne. Pore Therapy exfoliates and clears skin of debris (with proof you’ll see on the cotton pad as well as in your diminished breakouts). The patented prescription strength ingredient of 5% benzoyl peroxide in Therapeutic Lotion is specifically formulated to penetrate to the depths where bacteria would otherwise thrive if average topical agents were used.

ELASTIderm Eye Cream, Gel or Complete Complex Serum – A must have! Prevents/Improves “crepey” and wrinkled skin while promoting elastin production in the delicate eye area. The serum formulation also helps reduce puffiness!

Obagi Nu-Derm Sunfader SPF 15 – A topical prescription treatment that helps to protect skin from ultraviolet light damage while correcting uneven surface skin color and brown spots.

Tretinoin – Either  0.05% with emollients or Suzan Obagi Retivance for initial use or sensitive skin or 0.1% for more aggressive treatment is available. This prescription topical for acne is often used for anti-aging, skin brightening and pore diminishing.

More information on Latisse

LATISSE – The only FDA approved treatment to grow eyelashes thicker, longer and darker! Applied like liquid eyeliner and used once daily. Results begin in ~4wks, full results of longer, thicker and possibly even darker lashes in 16wks, then continue on a maintenance regimen.  Grande Lash is also available for easy but effective lash lengthening and thickening while avoiding skin or eye irritation.

resolutionMD – is a breakthrough system which transforms dry, aged skin and lumpy cellulite into softer, smoother, hydrated, younger looking and feeling skin! This long awaited cellulite solution is not available in stores or on line but can be yours from CB Skin Secrets! Yes it really works and yes it is easy to use!

COLORESCIENCE products with all mineral ultra effective broad spectrum spf, immediate color correction and coverage plus antioxidants, pollution and environmental protection for lasting and building improvements in the skin.  I carry a wide range of products and will get you registered with the savings program so you earn rebate credit!


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