Fractionated RF (Radio Frequency) is THE procedure of choice for skin tightening, resurfacing, fat reduction and contouring, reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, acne or other scars, even excess sweating! Tiny pins enter the skin and emit RF energy to stimulate collagen production and tightening, remodeling skin and the underlying soft tissues. With reach into the subdermal layers, Morpheus8 has the ability to reduce fat, sweat and odor production while simultaneously tightening skin, remodeling the tissues and collagen. Big changes happen with very little downtime or discomfort. The key during treatment is adequate preparation with a strong prescription anesthetic gel that is applied an hour before treatment. In some instances, injected anesthetic will also be used. This takes a day or 2 to be compounded and can either get shipped directly to your home or you can pick it up ahead of time. One order will generally provide plenty for the initial series.

Morhpheus8 involves usually 3 initial treatments in a series approximately 3-6 weeks apart then a maintenance treatment is generally recommended in a year. Additional treatments can be done as desired for further effect. Results are noted quickly, even after the first session, but will continue to build for about 3-6months. The benefits are enduring because of the long life of the newly organized collagen and the enhanced microvascular support. Completing the initial series is key to getting the best results.

Due to the fractionated skin penetration, the majority of the skin surface is intact. This helps reduce healing time and minimizes any post procedural discomfort. You will just need to use a barrier layer with Calm Recovery from CB Skin Secrets or over the counter Aquaphor, and then Colorescience all mineral spf 50 Even Up or All Calm for 1-3days post treatment. The skin can feel a bit tight, dry or like a sunburn for a day or so and a pattern on the skin from the pins may be visible for a while. This is usually a short term issue on the face and neck but can take longer to resolve on the body.

In addition to the short downtime, the fractionated RF keeps the skin safe regardless of skin color and is great for all skin types. If, however, you have very sensitive skin, dermal allergies or sensitivities, implanted devices or materials contraindicating a bipolar radiofrequency treatment, or a skin or immune condition that impairs healing or skin integrity, other options may be better suited to you.

For most patients and treatments, there is very low incidence of problems. Expect temporary swelling, poke marks and some flaking, possible pinpoint bruises and an initial sunburn feeling, but overall there are few risks but significant and lasting rewards!