Before and After Photos

Microneedling and topical PRP Before and After
Before BBL for sundamage and spider veins
1 month After BBL (no downtime)
Before and After AmnioFix injections for hair restoration
Seborrheic Keratosis, raised, waxy age spots are easily removed from the head and neck especially with Eskata, won’t disrupt hair growth
Before mid-low face ThermiSmooth 250
8mo After ThermiSmooth 250 Series
2 views at top = Before Treatment, 2 middle pics = After InstaLift, see improved cheek volume and contour, improved jawline, 2 lower pics = After cheek lifting Filler and Toxin at jowls, see a smoother cheek and younger jawline
Eyes look more open with less lid laxity, no scowl, mouth looks relaxed and much smoother
Before Jeuveau and Botox
2weeks After Jeuveau and Botox