thermiSmooth body

the possibilities with thermiSmooth Body:  Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation, Contouring with Fat and Cellulite Reduction, Tight/Sore Muscle Relief

Many patients have asked me for the best way to get rid of unsightly cellulite, fat, sagging skin and wrinkles.  Although many good treatment options exist for some of these, most require variable recovery time, discomfort or difficulty and some risk.  Cellulite is well know for it’s stubborn resistance to improvement from weight loss and exercise and while many varied tools exist to aid the resolution of cellulite, none are quite the magic wand we wish.

What we all want is a truly comfortable treatment that is easy, quick, painless, effective and shows results in days, even better if it can keep working for months.  To get all this with one device sounds too good to be true.

I participated in a nationwide research study on a device for FDA approval which may fulfill many of our desired criteria.  I started enrolling patients Dec, 2014 and FDA approval for temporary reduction of cellulite in addition to easing muscle and soft tissue soreness was granted in the Fall of 2015.

I am very excited about thermiSmooth body (sometimes called thermi250) since it is a non invasive, comfortable, no downtime, radiofrequency instrument with multiple applications:  skin tightening, evens and brightens skin tone and color, wrinkle/cellulite/fat reduction plus easing discomfort of tight/sore muscles.  For additional information about thermiSmooth body, click here.

Check the list below to see if you might be right for treatment with thermiSmooth body.

Patients may NOT be eligible if:

– unable to give Informed Consent for yourself

– active cancer is present at the treatment site

– a pacemaker or electrical device is present at or near the treatment site

– currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant

– have an active infection or wound in the treatment area

Treatments are done for the indications above on various face or body areas.  For example, laxity of neck skin, redundant eye lids, back of thigh cellulite (both sides = 1 area), upper abdominal fat or lower abdominal fat are all areas and treatment types.  The cost is $2500 per area for 5 sessions or 1 session for $600.  Cash, check, credit card or 24mo fixed interest financing with Care Credit is accepted or if you credit score is >680, a 6mo no interest loan through LendingUSA are accepted as payment when treatment is scheduled or begun.

You can treat multiple areas but a series is recommended in each area for best results. 2-3 treatment areas can be done per session. Treatments are done 1-3 weeks apart.  Generally, at least 4 sessions should be completed for a series and the 5th can be done in sequence or reserved for whenever you would like.  Cellulite or stubborn issues may require additional treatment.  Some results begin in the first days to weeks and full results may take several months. Frequently, results are seen to keep getting better for around a year later!  As with most treatments, maintenance is recommended.

You will be photographed and measured as applicable before treatment and as the series progresses.  There is no guarantee of results immediately or otherwise as patients may respond differently and have factors outside of my control.  Some results may take months to be fully appreciated.

Treatments should be comfortable.  You will feel heat from the handpiece which is glided over the area to treat for anywhere from 5-20 minutes.  You may look pink in the area treated temporarily with a low possibility of swelling, tightness or rarely a bronze freckled appearance for a day or so afterwards.  There is NO sedation required, you may drive and resume normal activities afterwards.  You are strongly encouraged to drink half your weight (lbs) in ounces of water per day prior to and following treatment and avoid alcohol the few days surrounding treatment to avoid dehydration and help your body in clearing wastes.

Schedule the screening visit at for Tuesdays 9-5 and Fridays 9-noon, other days/times by arrangement by emailing or leave a phone message at 402-915-2756.