CB Skin Secrets Purshasing Policies

BOTOX – Neurotoxins may be referred to as botox much like any facial tissue may be called Kleenex.  I use the original Botox brand as well as Jeuveau.  These treat lines and wrinkles from muscle motion by diminishing the muscles’ ability to contract temporarily (2-6months). Common approved and off label applications include:

  • Glabella– Scowl lines, “11’s”, vertical lines between brows, treatment gives some arc and lift to brows, the related area of nasal bridge horizontal line(s) are prevented or treated
  • Frontalis – Horizontal lines across forehead
  • Spa Brow – Treatment at lateral edge of brow gives lift to the brow
  • Crow’s Feet – Creases from squinting can be diminished
  • Depressor Angularis Oris– Treatment prevents the muscles from pulling down mouth at corners, helps lessen marionette lines
  • Mentalis -Bumpiness or lines of chin can be smoothed out
  • Lip Flip – Reduce or prevent “smoker’s” lines and turn lips out subtly for a fuller appearance
  • Neck Rings – Horizontal lines across neck are softened
  • Nefertiti Lift (Platysmal Bands) – Prominent horizontal cords down neck are softened/released to lessen jowls or pull from under the chin
  • Hyperhidrosis – Excessive sweating of palms or armpits is controlled
  • Gummy Smile – Single injection on each side of nose will lower upper lip structure so that your broad smile will showcase your teeth rather than gums

Pre and Post Care Instructions for botox

Fillers – Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid gel “family” of fillers used to plump lines and creases or replace areas of volume loss. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC lasts up to 1½yrs and contains anesthetic.

I also use Revanesse Versa+ and Lips+, soft and supple HA fillers with a lower incidence of discomfort, swelling and bruising with injection.

Approved and common off label Applications:

  • Nasolabial Folds -Creases from sides of nose to sides of mouth
  • Marionette Lines -Creases from sides of mouth down towards jaw line
  • Cheeks – Volume loss or sagging is replenished to give some lift to the midface
  • Lips – Body of lips can be subtly plumped and or border of lips treated for definition
  • Scars – Depressed scars can be treated to lessen the texture difference/shadow
  • Nasal Contouring – as we age, the shaping plates of cartilage in the nose may start to look too pronounced or be asymmetric.
  • You may not need surgery; you may just need Juvederm.

Pre and Post Care Instructions for Fillers

Platelet GF Serum is formulated from each patient’s own platelets and plasma. A small amount of blood is drawn at the visit. The blood is spun down to separate out the needed components. A specialized process prepares the natural concentrated mixture for injection which rejuvenates, brightens, moisturizes and stimulates new collagen for stronger more youthful skin.  PRP can instead or also be applied topically after fractionated treatment like microneedling, Profractional laser or Morpheus8.

  • Under Eye Circles – Sunken or dark bags under eyes can be improved. Never have clumps or blue discoloration (Tyndall effect), always natural, plus long term benefits of supple strength to help avoid crepe like folds and lines.
  • Depressed Temples – Naturally soften odd contours or thin appearing skin of the temple area
  • Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds and/or Marionette Lines – Fill and freshen flattened cheeks and folds with all natural, long lasting volume and the greatest collagen builder available.
  • Hand Rejuvenation – Fill in depressed areas and lessen appearance of tendons and veins while bringing more collagen to renew lax skin of the hands. Don’t let your age be revealed in this often neglected area, revive before your next high five!
  • Neck rings or folds – Soften appearance of lines and folds with the strengthening power of your own cells making collagen!
  • Dull, Aged or Scarred Complexion – brightens, strengthens, smoothes skin for a more youthful glow and texture. Can add volume in addition to collagen.
  • Hair Restoration – Use your own growth factors to stimulate new grown while anti inflammatory properties of PRP help reduce various causes of reduced hair growth.

Pre and Post Care Instructions for Platelet GF Serum

MICRO NEEDLING  – Tiny tracts are created in the skin at appropriate depths and pressures while the device is scanned over the skin.  Cells for healing and repair stimulate tightening, toning and textural improvements in the area treated.  This is tolerated well with aid of anesthetic and the Zimmer chiller.  At the conclusion a cooling mask may be used for soothing and comfort.   1-2 days of redness and swelling may be noted, some bruising is possible with any needle use.  Micro needling does not cause the heat induced discomfort and redness that can accompany laser treatments and only mild discomfort is expected.

During treatment, additional topical agents may be employed based on the patients needs and treatment goals.  Combined with agents like Platelet GF Serum, the micro tracts allow deep penetration of the growth factors that will additionally stimulate new collagen and build stronger, brighter and smoother skin.   Issues addressed can include general rejuvenation and skin brightening, textural improvement of acne or other scars and wrinkles, lightening melasma or pigment, reducing appearance of stretch marks, reducing appearance of cellulite, encouraging regrowth of hair and reducing hair loss.  Please discuss specific treatment goals with Dr. Whitehead so that your treatment can be optimally planned.

 Each patient is treated with their own, new micro needling cartridge with each treatment.  A series of 2-4 is recommended for most complexion issues done at intervals of 3-8 weeks.  For more advanced treatment, consider Morpheus8 in combination with Platelet GF Serum

Pre and Post Care Instructions for Microneedling.

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