Ladies Only Event! Reservations Required

Ok ladies, have you ever wondered just why there is such a buzz about “Vaginal Rejuvenation”? It’s difficult enough to wade through the marketing schemes for skincare. Not to worry, CB Skin Secrets is here to help you help yourself!

Get registered for this Ladies Only Event and find out how ThermiVa, an easy, quick treatment could help you to feel more confident and comfortable!

EVENT DETAILS: The event is in the Gallery at Harvester Artspace Lofts 1000 S Main Street on Wednesday July 31 from 5-8pm. Enter from the sidewalk ramp or stairs off 10th Ave. between S. Main Street and S. 6th Street. Wine, lemonade and snacks provided.

Many women think they just have to live with limitations. From laxity, to dryness, to avoidance of sex due to discomfort, to bladder leakage. All can be significantly improved without surgery! Come hear from women who have been treated. Get answers to questions, even the ones you may be too embarrassed to ask your regular doctor!

No judgment, no need to be shy, just make a reservation and you’ll soon understand why ThermiVa may be just what you’ve been needing!

Make a reservation for yourself for $30. Bring another woman and it’s $25 each. Bring two other women and it’s $20 each! $15 of your reservation fee is put towards Colorescience products that will also be featured and sold with Event Only promotions!

Are you wondering if using an all mineral sun screen is REALLY that important? The short answer, YES! A little longer answer: Sun exposure accumulates in our skin throughout our lifetime causing damage, premature aging and increased risk of skin cancers, including the most deadly form, melanoma. Our skin is our bodies largest organ and the first line of defense against infections, pollution assaults as well as being integral in maintaining hydration of tissues for proper function on all levels. Originally, mineral sunscreens were sticky, pasty, and left you looking like a ghost. Believe me, you NEED to FEEL Colorescience products, SEE the coverage and cosmetic quality and BE protected! Chemical sunscreens fall short and raise too many concerns.

Only Colorescience has combined Skin Care, Sun Care and Cosmetic needs into easy to use, single application products that are far more effective at preventing the formation of damaging free radicals than other leading brands, even other doctor distributed brands. By using an all mineral formula, Colorescience avoids chemical irritants and are anti-inflammatory, anti aging, hydrating and cosmetically elegant. As many countries and beach destinations are starting to require, several Colorescience spf options have the patent pending Enviroshield technology that no other brand has. This means the products are coral and reef safe and go far beyond broad UV protection to include dramatic reduction of pollution, infrared and blue light effects on our skin.

If you want to train your skin to build rather than diminish collagen and elastin content, you will also LOVE Pep Up! For face, neck and chest, this innovative treatment in a bottle is a game changer! Plus, you won’t want to miss the opportunity for a FREE EYE TREATMENT from the Total Eye Restore Regimen offered at the event! This is designed to help with puffiness, dark circles, debydrated, crepe paper-like under eye skin. Afterwards your eyes will look and feel more refreshed and youthful!

TO RESERVE A SPOT for this limited availability Ladies Only Event, contact me HERE through or email me at with names, phone, email, zip code and birthday of all the ladies who will attend. I will email the invoice for registration which will need to be paid by Wednesday July 24th. Cancellation fee of $5 will be kept before July 24th and $10 after July 24th.

Celebrate Summer with up to 25% OFF botox brands at CB Skin Secrets!

What better way to celebrate summer than with savings!?!

Neurotoxin treatment with Botox, Xeomin or the “NewTox”, Jeuveau, will help you smooth the creases and lines. If you are a first timer, sign up for $50 off your first Botox with Brilliant Distinctions from Allergan at then come see me! At CB Skin Secrets SAVE 20% on Botox and Xeomin through July and 25% OFF Jeuveau*!

Have a sinking feeling your face has lost volume? Find it with filler!  SAVE 15% on ANY Juvederm family filler through July, OR for Vollure filler, SAVE $150 and get a FREE $30 value of a travel size Colorescience Total Protection Sunforgettable brush spf 50 OR travel size set Obagi Cleanser and Toner! New to filler? Get $75 OFF your first filler by signing up for Brilliant Distinctions HERE!

Dull, aged skin, scars, stretchmarks and even thinning hair have hope for revival with PRP or Epifix! These can be injected and/or applied topically in combination with microneedling or laser treatments to speed healing, boost collagen production, enhance hydration, vascular and anti-inflammatory benefits. Buy 2 get 1 FREE PRP! Get $400 OFF your series of 3 Epifix for hair restoration or skin rejuvenation! Each special runs through July 2019.

Save $25 on individual Obagi products purchased of $100 or more or $50 OFF a NuDerm or Suzan Obagi Kit with ANY injectable purchase. As ALWAYS, get up to $50 off Colorescience with Instant Rebates! Once I register you for Colorescience Lasting Beauty Rewards, you can also order products online for delivery!

Make your appointment for Tuesdays 9-5 or Fridays 9-noon HERE or contact me for other time/day arrangements at or leave a message/text at 402-915-2756. Love your skin? Protect it. Want to love your skin? Come see me!

Flash SALE on Colorescience SPF Brushes, Bronzing or Corrective Kits and More!

Now through June 30 get $25 OFF Colorescience Sunforgettable All Mineral spf 50 FULL size brushes in a 3 pack or Corrective Kits featuring a travel size Hydrating Mist and Sunforgettable spf All Mineral Brush with a Full size of either All Calm for redness or Even Up for Browns. The 3 pack already gives you 3 for the price of 2 and Corrective kits already save you ~$20, but now save even more! But ONLY for the rest of June!

Other options include Total Body and Total Face spf 50 in either original invisible moisturizing formula or the NEW Bronzing versions! Yes, get a healthy and safe sun kissed look instantly while protecting your skin from sun damage! Save $10 – $20 more on these!

Get the unbeatable protection of All Mineral broad spectrum spf 50 that is coral and reef safe, protects your skin against pollution, infrared AND Blue light while virtually eliminating production of free radicals that age your skin! NO other Mineral spf can claim this!

Contact me to get your Colorescience on NOW before June ends!


Thanks and Come See Me!

Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead

Order NOW for Product Specials at CB Skin Secrets!

Ok, trying something new! Post or Pick Up Product Promo!

Let me know by 9pm June 19th via text or voice mail 402-915-2756 or email what products you need from Colorescience, Obagi, or Latisse. (New patients and those who have never used prescription strength Obagi products or Latisse will need to make an appointment instead.)

Indicate if you want your products via post OR if you will pick up.

Either way, I’ll send you an invoice via email for Credit Card pre payment. (If you need to use Care Credit standard terms, cash or check, you will need to pick up products and plan a few extra minutes.)

Your items (and a little extra bonus!) will be ready for you to pick up Friday June 21, 9am – 1pm.

For every $50 spent (prior to discounts or rebates), you get an entry to win a FREE Colorescience Anti Aging Serum (value $150) or an Obagi Sun Shield spf 50 (value $53.50)! Drawing will be held June 19 at 9pm so get your orders in fast! Don’t be late and miss out!

Book your appointment online to complete an injectable treatment before the end of July and you will save $25 off Obagi purchases of $100 or more or $50 off Obagi kits!

Or just plan to come see me!

Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead 402-915-2756

2019 Summer Sale on Injectables and More at CB Skin Secrets!

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself! Say goodbye to squint and scowl lines, fill the void of volume loss and nourish your skin and scalp with PRP and Epifix! Need products too? Save $25 on individual Obagi products purchased of $100 or more or up to $50 off Colorescience with Instant Rebates and Obagi kits with ANY 1 injectable purchase!

Neurotoxin treatment with Botox and Xeomin will help you smooth the creases and lines. Are you new to this? Sign up for $50 off your first Botox with Brilliant Distinctions from Allergan at then come see me! At CB Skin Secrets SAVE 15% on Botox and Xeomin NOW through July!

Have a sinking feeling your face has lost volume? Find it with filler! SAVE 15% on ANY Juvederm family filler now through July. New to filler? Get $75 OFF your first filler by signing up for Brilliant Distinctions HERE!

Dull, aged skin, scars, stretchmarks and even thinning hair have hope for revival with PRP or Epifix! These can be injected and/or applied topically in combination with microneedling or laser treatments to speed healing, boost collagen production, enhance hydration, vascular and anti-inflammatory benefits. Buy 2 get 1 FREE PRP! Get $400 OFF your series of 3 Epifix for hair restoration or skin rejuvenation! Each special runs NOW through July 2019. Results start with the first treatment as shown below.

Make your appointment for Tuesdays 9-5 or Fridays 9-noon HERE or contact me for other time/day arrangements at or leave a message/text at 402-915-2756. Love your skin? Protect it. Want to love your skin? You can! Come see me!

Upside Down Obagi Sale and a Beautiful Colorescience Bronzer at CB Skin Secrets

Current Special April – May 2019: OBAGI Upside Down SALE!

Up to 70% OFF and FREE Gifts!

30% OFF select Obagi including Gentle Rejuvenation, Clenziderm for acne control, Warm Tint spf 50 and 360 kits/individual products! OR get ANY treatment or product over $200 and get a Gentle Rejuvenation, Clenziderm, or 360 kit added for 70% OFF the normal price!!

Also, Get 10% OFF NuDerm kits and Suzan Obagi kits plus one FREE Travel Size NuDerm Cleanser, Toner and Sun Shield! With purchase of ANY treatment or product over $300, get your NuDerm and Suzan Obagi kits or individual products for 20% OFF! (Starts April 9th) As always, get 20% of your Obagi total back as Light/Laser credit ONLY at CB Skin Secrets AND I log your purchases with Premier Points so you earn MORE FREE product!

Buy 2 Latisse 5ml kit, get FREE GIFTS of Grande Mascara and curler, AND 1 more FREE product from New Product list below or from sale bin! Plus, I can also apply Brilliant Distinctions Rebates you have up to $100 OFF!

Juvederm Vollure XC filler with $70 OFF!

Also, get $50 OFF Xeomin neurotoxin with a gift card PIN I will provide, while PIN supplies last. Get your FREE virtual gift card at (one per patient per 3mo time period). Only a few remain!

All specials and offers are ONLY while supplies last, make your complimentary appointment HERE NOW or contact me for other dates/times.

NEW PRODUCTS available NOW include:

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Bronzing Duo (see below*) ONLY $64* with Instant double Rebate points through end of June
Grande Mascara (comes with a FREE eyelash curler!) $25
Grande Lips Plumping Duo full Clear Gloss with travel sized Smoked Sherry Liquid Lipstick $42
Neova CU3 Lip Repair $22
Neova Copper moisture mask $49
Osmosis MD Tropical Mango Barrier Recovery Mask $50

NEW TREATMENTS available NOW include:
Eskata, the ONLY FDA approved topical treatment for raised SKs (benign skin spots, may be waxy or crumbly)

EpiFix injections for Hair Restoration. A series of 3 or 6 sessions 4-6 weeks apart stimulates significant new hair growth! Thickens hair noticeably beginning with 1st session! Great for men or women, just look!

You see new hair growth with a noticeably fuller appearance even after just one treatment.  Photos are 6 weeks after 1st session.
Male patient before (above ) and 6 weeks after 1st Epifix injection

Colorescience Total Protection Bronzing Duo LIMITED EDITION with anti aging and all mineral spf 50 for Body and Face, ONLY $64 with double points Instant Rebate!! See the even, natural coverage on the leg pictured on the left? It lasts long, softly hydrates and doesn’t smell or streak! Contact me to pre order and assure you get this ASAP! Also get DOUBLE instant rebate points on all Total Protection products AND All Calm or Even Up Corrective Kits!

Colorescience Total Protection body lotion Bronzer, anti aging and all mineral spf 50 shown on left, compare to bare leg on right.

Come See Me!

Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead 402.915.2756