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Sciton Vs Scars at CB Skin Secrets, Skintrinsiq Coming Soon!

Do you have sun damage, acne, scars or signs of aging? Come see me about treatment with my Sciton BBL and or laser applications. All the above and more skin concerns are improved or resolved with BroadBand Light, MicroLaserPeel and or Profractional laser followed by Colorescience all mineral spf for healing, anti inflammatory camouflage and protection.

Want to see some Sciton magic but afraid of swelling, redness, pain or other scary post laser issues? Check me out 8 hours after a Moxi laser face, neck décolletage treatment I had done while at the Sciton http://www.sciton.comRockstar educational event in Edina, MN this weekend! I’m comfortable and (also was during treatment, btw) just feel like I have a sunburn (at least according to my now very remote memory of such a horrendous condition… clearly, actual sunburns are FAR more scary than Sciton BBL or lasers!)

This is after washing off my Even Up all mineral spf 50. Just a little pink and slightly swollen under the eyes but not TOO scary for no makeup, right?!

Come see me and find out what skin saving steps to take now through the rest of the year! More youthful skin is what you have to gain, freckles, red spots, lines, laxity, acne and scars are what you can lose!

I don’t (yet) have Moxi available to offer but let me know if you want it when you come see me! Schedule your complimentary visit HERE or VM/text 402-915-2756 if you need other day or time options. Please note that scheduling is limited in the summer but not impossible! We can also arrange a video chat!

In the meantime, use your Obagi, wear your Colorescience spf daily with reapplications every few hours, (and spf clothing, hats, sunglasses etc.) and stay tuned for exciting news of when Obagi Skintrinsiq will be available!!!

It’s Jeuveau Tox Time! $200 in Extras and 30% OFF Colorescience Friends & Family Sale til Aug 24, 2020!

At CB Skin Secrets, it’s Jeuveau Tox Time! Grab your appointment time with before August 24 and get over $200 in extras and savings!

Plus it’s Colorescience Friends & Family Sale with 30% Off with purchase on pretax $100+ and get Free Products! Only until Aug 24 and while supplies last!

All purchases will include AT LEAST one FREE product!

BOGO Half OFF Revanesse Versa Filler continues through August!

Buy 2 Latisse and get $30 off AND FREE product valued up to $70!

Make your complimentary consult at www.cbskinsecrets.com or text/VM 402-915-2756

Dr Stacey E Whitehead

New Obagi products available from CB Skin Secrets

What’s new? Obagi’s Hydrate Luxe, Regenica Facial Rejuvenation Complex and Regenica Overnight Repair! All are available from CB Skin Secrets along with many other great Obagi products and kits.

Hydrate Luxe is a rich, moisturizer and rejuvenation cream which will lessen appearance of fine lines, keeping skin firm and smooth while hydrating your skin as you sleep! But, yes, I still carry the original Hydrate which so many of you have come to know and love.

Regenica is the next generation in growth factor technology and includes highly potent proteins clinically proven to enhance skin’s appearance. Use the Facial Rejuvenation Complex gel daily or especially after any light or laser treatment to speed recovery time and enhance results. Use the Overnight Repair to reduce appearance and effect of environmental damage, reduce appearance of pores, fine lines/wrinkles and get smooth, hydrated skin.

Watch for the November and December special from CB Skin Secrets to be announced soon!

As always, the Obagi Loyalty Program gives you 20$ credit toward any Light or Laser treatment I offer with every $100 Obagi purchase made from CB Skin Secrets. Build up as much credit as you like.

Contact me at cbskinsecrets@gmail.com, 712-396-7899 or come see me by making your appointment from the website http://www.cbskinsecrets.com. Thanks!