CB Skin Secrets Will Resume Office Visits With Safety in Mind

Hello! I hope you are healthy and safe! I am preparing to resume seeing patients at CB Skin Secrets. I want to share how this will go and help you be ready also.

I am anticipating an opening of May 19th according to the governor’s proclamations from April. There was an update that allows some openings a bit earlier but with still increasing numbers of new COVID-19 cases, I plan to proceed with an abundance of caution.

The following are some things to expect for your next visit.

When your appointment is made, you will get a confirmation email. In it, is screening information. If you know of an issue, please relay it to me at that time and we can coordinate how and when to proceed.

When you arrive, please text me at 402.915.2756 and I will call you to go over screening questions. If there is an issue, we can reschedule. If all is good, I will open the outer door for you. Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to wear a mask into the office.

Please wear your own mask to your appointment and keep it on until asked to remove it for treatment. If you don’t have a mask, I will have some cloth masks I will wash between uses.

You will be asked to use hand sanitizer or to wash your hands upon entering and leaving the office. I am happy to open doors for you so that you minimize contact with everything in the office. I also highly recommend you avoid touching your face, washing your phone, steering wheel, car door handles etc frequently.

I ask family members and others to not come to appointments, if someone must accompany you, I may ask them to wait in the car until the appointment is over.

I have increased cleaning of common surfaces and will limit patient contact with surfaces. Appointments have always been set to minimize overlap between patients but additional time will be needed for cleaning. That may mean you will be offered fewer options of scheduling times.

I understand the frustration of these limitations, but above all, I am bound to do my best for your safety as well as my own. Since COVID-19 can be passed to others without the carrier having symptoms and can have a delay of weeks in onset for many who do show symptoms, these precautions are an important part the plan to reopen businesses and allow for specific interactions.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 or other communicable illness in the 2-4weeks before your appointment, please inform me and your primary doctor of your situation so appropriate steps can be taken.

Please wait to come to my office (and I would advise you continue quarantine or isolation behaviors) if in the last 2-4 weeks:

1. You have tested positive or have symptoms of fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, low energy, new loss of smell or taste

2. You have been within 6 feet of a person with suspected or known COVID-19

3. You have been within 6 feet of a worker, or spouse or close contact of someone who works at a meat packing plant, long term care facility or other known area of risk or reported COVID-19

Please see Iowa.gov and CDC.gov for current updates and stats.

Please let me know if you have any questions or product needs in the meantime as I am able to offer curbside product pick up.

As always, I appreciate your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming you back to my office! I love what I do and am so thankful for the support of my patients!

Dr Stacey E. Whitehead

http://www.cbskinsecrets.com 402.915.2756 dr.stacey@gmail.com