1st in SW Iowa NEW Treatments Available Soon at CB Skin Secrets!

CB Skin Secrets is the FIRST in SW Iowa to offer minimally invasive, one and done, fat reduction, cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatment called injectable RF or thermiTight AND NON invasive, NO downtime vaginal rejuvenation treatments with thermiVa!

You have probably heard of these amazing procedures on The Doctors (check out this video showing one of the many treatment options with thermiTight…above knees, upper arms, breast lift, abdomen, double chin, bra bulge, also help for excessive underarm sweating with thermiDry…) or in other media like this <a href="http://

Marlena – ThermiVa

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>video clip on thermiVa.

I’m sure you are wondering just what vaginal rejuvenation means, why would it be needed (did some horrible man dream this up to degrade women?!) and is it right for you.  Let me assure you, the need for this is VERY common and ONLY intended to improve your self esteem and satisfaction with your most intimate area.  Speaking as a woman, men are not all bad and women should feel strong and confident!

Vaginal rejuvenation is NOT a cosmetic treatment, although it DOES improve the appearance of external genitalia.  Vaginal laxity, both internal and external, present real problems for women.  Internally, the lack of firmness and proper cellular regeneration can lead to vaginal dryness, painful or less pleasurable intercourse, and urinary incontinence (ranging from frequent urination to leaking urine when running, coughing, sneezing or even walking).  External laxity in combination with atrophy within the vaginal canal can diminish natural lubrication, put a stop to easy orgasm, and also cause physical discomfort or embarrassment should tissue get pinched in clothing or appear bulky.  There is REAL help and it is easier and quicker than you think!

Set your complimentary consultation with me and make a plan to get the younger look and feel you have been wanting!   Or contact me via email at cbskinsecrets@gmail.com or text/leave a message at 402-915-2756.

Come see me, your lady doctor!

thermiTight, thermiDry and thermiVa will be available in SW Iowa as of mid June 2018 ONLY at CB Skin Secrets, female physician owned and run!

Dr. Stacey E Whitehead, Board Certified General Surgeon

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