Filler/Botox combo Rebate up to $400 expires this Friday 9-15!

Remember when I emailed previously about a BIG Rebate opportunity by combining Vollure Filler with other fillers and Botox to earn up to $400 rebate for the treatment?  Well, the good news is I still have codes available.  The bad news is the codes expire THIS FRIDAY 9-15-17!

If you are interested in Vollure Filler (from the Juvederm family of Allergan hyaluronic acid fillers lasting ~1.5years and very versatile) in addition to one other filler or Botox, you can get $100 rebate.  Add 2 other products to Vollure and you get $200 rebate and add 3 other products to Vollure and you get $400 rebate!!  But we must have this logged / bought by Friday (actual injections can be done later if needed for scheduling purposes).

So, email me at right away to let me know how big of a rebate you want, what products you want and I can send you an email invoice or arrange payment by Friday 9-15-17 and we will schedule your treatment.

Combination treatments work great for balance and rejuvenation of the whole face rather than just isolating a line or wrinkle.  You still look like you, just refreshed and more youthful!  Don’t let this savings opportunity pass!

Botox options include lower brow/scowl/glabellar lines/11’s and Crow’s Feet

Filler options besides Vollure include:

Voluma which lasts ~2yrs, great for cheek lift/volume and temporal hollows

Juvederm Ultra Plus which lasts ~1.5yrs, great for lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds

Volbella which lasts ~1yr great for subtle lip or tear trough enhancement, softening lines


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