July-Aug-Sep 2017 at CB Skin Secrets: Big Deals & Rebates! Save up to $500 or more!

For July – September 2017, there are UNBEATABLE Rebates for some great, low downtime treatments at CB Skin Secrets!  Save up to $500 or more!

With ANY InstaLift for Face, Neck or Body (*yes, you CAN lift breasts without surgery*) done get one vial of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), the best source of Growth Factors…you, for a fraction of the normal price!

Do you wish you could lift your loose cheeks, jawline and/or neck?  Maybe a little sag starting at your breasts or abdomen?  Come see me!  InstaLift may be just what you are looking for;  low risk, reasonable price, quick and lasting results PLUS with it July through September 2017 get PRP for a HUGE discount!  You SAVE $500 PER VIAL!

PRP is a great, versatile injectable or topical mesotherapy to build collagen, improve skin nourishment, brightness and hydration plus it can add volume or aid healing and recovery from laser or microneedling treatments.  It can be used for sunken areas under eyes, scars, cheeks, lines and areas of depression, even softening the back of the hands!

Additional Rebates from $100-$400 continue through September with Vollure filler for nasolabial folds, lines, creases and volume that lasts up to 18mo!  Add 1 more Allergan brand (Botox, Volbella, Voluma or Juvederm) and get $100 OFF, add 2 more brands and get $200 OFF, add 3 more brands and get $400 OFF!  You can also get $400 Off Kybella (shrinks double chins!) plus use any additional Brilliant Distinctions rebates you have!  These rebate opportunities are ONLY available while supplies last and could run out at ANY time!  Don’t worry, I will help you create rebate coupons and log treatments.

Make your complimentary consult appointment HERE for Tuesdays 9-5 or Fridays 9-noon.  Other days and times MAY be available but all visits are by appointment only.  Please contact me through http://www.cbskinsecrets.com or at cbskinsecrets@gmail.com or leave a message at 402-915-2756.

*InstaLift is FDA approved for the midface to lift/reposition skin and soft tissue.  Other uses like breast rejuvenation is best for mild to moderate laxity up through C cup.

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