Destroy the Double Chin, SAVE $400 AND get 10units Botox at CB Skin Secrets!

Do you have a mild, moderate or severe double chin?  Do you want to get 10 units of Botox FREE?

I am now offering Kybella injections for destroying fat under the chin, permanently!  If you have a little extra fullness you’d like not to, let Kybella, the only FDA approved injection treatment, shrink your double chin!   See examples HERE or go to   I am the only provider for Kybella in Council Bluffs.  I would love to help you with this area which can be soooo stubborn despite your best efforts.

If you are interested in saving $400 on this treatment package, schedule your complimentary consultation HERE.  You don’t have to have the treatment immediately, but to get your $400 rebate, I need to know SOON as the $400 rebates are limited.  The timing, cost, how many treatments (1-4 for most) and number of injections it will take for you will be estimated at your consultation.  Treatment can begin that day if you are ready.  Plan for a temporary swelling and redness of the area with tenderness for several days, especially after the first round and less so with subsequent sessions which are usually done in 4-6 weeks.  Additional expectations and details will be discussed at your consultation.

You may also be eligible for up to 10 units of Botox FREE with your 2nd Kybella session done now through June!  This FREE 10 units of Botox can be used for crows feet, for example, so they can (temporarily, results usually last 4-6mo) disappear along with the double chin (gone for good, fat is permanently killed with Kybella)!

Get more information about Botox Here.

Contact me at or leave a voice message at 402-915-2756 with serious inquiries only please.   Don’t keep fretting about that double chin or those crows feet, come see me!

by Appointment only, thanks!

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