Until Halloween, Get HALF OFF a BBL at CB Skin Secrets (and a limited schedule in NOV. 2016)

So I know we all get lots of emails and don’t always have time to read the details but this just goes to show you, you do miss some good stuff if you don’t read the whole thing!  (But, before I lose your attention, see the IMPORTANT NOTE in the 3rd paragraph)  My last blog told of the 75$ OFF Filler PLUS pick a FREE product through October, but, there is another great deal as well.  The chance to get HALF OFF a BBL (or Laser treatment) between now and April 2017!!!  I know you would hate to miss this since it is the BIGGEST discount on Light/Laser offered, so I put it in the beginning this time! 😉 you’re welcome!

All you have to do is get >=$250 of Obagi products and it’s HALF OFF a BBL for you!  PLUS, a FREE Obagi Blue Radiance Peel (value $85)!  (AND if you have the FREE Premier Points app on your phone, I will log your purchases for points toward FREE product AND you ALSO, as always, get 20% of your OBAGI total back as credit towards the next (NOT this already half off BBL cuz, come on, I have kids to feed) Light, Laser OR ThermiSmooth Body treatment.)

What’s the catch?  Well this offer only lasts until Halloween!  Watch for the next special TBA soon for Nov-Dec.  But please note (this is the IMPORTANT NOTE mentioned above), I will NOT be available from Nov. 2-10 with no phone access and limited email capabilities.  So, if you are in need of product, you have all kinds of great reasons to act NOW!

Leave a message at 402-915-2756, email cbskinsecrets@gmail.com or schedule online at http://www.cbskinsecrets.com to come see me before the time I’m unavailable in November (from Nov. 2-10 I am NOT in the office and will only have limited email)!

Happy Halloween from Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead and CB Skin Secrets!