Great News! You have another month to register for a FREE $100 Gift Card! Gift Certificates also available!

This just in… through January you can get registered HERE for a FREE $100 Gift Card for use on your next Xeomin (3rd generation botox) or Belotero treatment from Merz at CB Skin Secrets!  This was announced in a recent blog, but, at that time, the deadline for registration was the end of this year;  the deadline just got extended through January 2016!

Here’s what you do:

  1. Just get registered at for your FREE $100 Gift Card to be mailed to you within 5 days
  2. Within 2mo of receipt, bring it to your scheduled, complimentary appointment with Dr. Whitehead to get it activated with the PIN I have (BUT, I have a limited number so don’t delay, I can activate these cards only while my supply of PIN’s last).
  3. You have until the card expires to use it towards your next Xeomin botox treatment or Belotero filler at CB Skin Secrets with Dr. Whitehead.

Please call, email, text or contact me/schedule via the website to come see me!   REMEMBER, I also have Gift Certificates available for whatever amount you want!

Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead

CB Skin Secrets

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