20$ off elastiderm eye treatment for cyber Monday at CB Skin Secrets

It’s Cyber Monday and to show I’m no grinch,

shop on line with CB Skin Secrets, you’ll see, it’s a cinch!


20$ off this week only on elastiderm eye treatment cream, serum or gel.

Tell me how many and which one, and I’ll ship it faster than the snow fell!


It softens wrinkles, it tightens loose skin.

Just apply twice daily to know it’s a win!


Reply to this message or give me a call,

or send me an email and in no time at all,


your product will be on your doorstep likety split.

No hassles, no lines,  I don’t want you to put up with that…stuff.


Be Well and Happy Holidays!

Dr Stacey E. Whitehead CB Skin Secrets

1010 S Main St, ste 400