Torn Earlobe Repair at CB Skin Secrets

If heavy earrings or accidental tugs have torn your earlobes partially or completely, there is help! CB Skin Secrets has repair and/or strengthening options for your poor earlobes! Please make an appointment for a FREE consultation to review treatment options by clicking here. You may also go to to explore the many other products and treatments offered.

Treatment my require a clinic procedure for repair and/or a filler like Juvederm Ultra Plux XC or Selphyl to strengthen and contour the earlobe.

RealSelf gives a 91% “worth it” rating as shown here. Note: the average price shown of $875 for repair is more than double what is typical at CB Skin Secrets ($425 to $650 by complexity, filler charged separately).

This is just one more example of how CB Skin Secrets is Southwest Iowa’s most complete skin rejuvenation clinic!

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