Silhouette lift results at CB Skin Secrets, Council Bluffs most complete skin rejuvenation clinic

Here are “before” photos for the first neck Silhouette lift from CB Skin Secrets.  Pretty great if I do say so myself!  The procedure takes only 20-40minutes in the clinic with local anesthesia and specialized sutures.  Recovery time is around 3-5 days generally and this involves a fraction of the time, pain, risk and cost of a traditional surgical lift procedure.

Now, get ready for the “after” pictures shown below!

The patient is thrilled with the improvement in skin tone and reduction of crepe paper like wrinkles throughout the neck (and decolletage, which was a great surprise and may not always be achieved)!  Do you want to see results like these?  Come see me at CB Skin Secrets, 201 Ridge Street suite 102 of the Doctor’s Building, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503 712-396-7899.  Make your complimentary consultation appointment by clicking here.