Silhouette and SPYDR Lift Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Avoid aspirin, motrin (ibuprophen), vitamin E, alcohol (or any agent that would potentiate bleeding/bruising) for 5-7days prior to your treatment.   Please notify me if you are on any prescription blood thinners and stop them for 5-7 days prior to treatment if this is ok’d by the prescribing physician.  Following these steps does not prevent all bleeding/bruising.  It may take 1-4 weeks for resolution of some bruises.

Caffeine will sensitize pain receptors and is best avoided/reduced the morning of the procedure.  A light meal should be eaten 1-2 hours before the procedure.  Take Tylenol 1-2hours prior or ask for a prescription pain killer to be filled prior if preferred (but you must arrange to be driven to and from the procedure in that case).  A topical anesthetic and/or cold air may be used during the treatment to improve comfort plus injection of anesthetics.  Follow label directions for any further use of Tylenol or pain killers.  Ice is NOT to be used post-procedure; for swelling or pain a cold rag is ok.

Please reschedule if you have a rash or infection at or near the treatment site.  Avoid hair color, perms, lasers or injectable treatments 1-2 weeks before or until 6 weeks post treatment.

Do not use hot water, rub or scratch at the treated area or at incisions.  After 2days from the procedure if the incision appears sealed, water can be splashed to or run over the area (if incisions are in the hair/scalp, you may wash your hair on the 2nd day post treatment but use caution when combing or brushing hair for 2-3 weeks).  The area can be gently patted to clean/dry when you are comfortable to do so.

Some treated areas will swell, especially around the eyes/mouth.  Keep the area elevated when sleeping for the first 3 nights or while swollen.  Use a Contemporary Design post procedure garment ordered from CB Skin Secrets website for 3 days at jowls/neck, and 1-2 weeks over supportive tape for other SPYDR areas until sutures or knots are removed.  Consistent and constant wearing of the garment is imperative.

The scar from incisions will mature over 1-2 years and will fade and flatten after initially being pink and protruding. Avoid sun to the scar area and cover it with clothes/hats to minimize scarring.  Sunscreen helps protect the area as well, but the more complete avoidance of sun damage, the less noticeable the final scar will be.  Any outer sutures should be removed after 1-2 weeks in clinic or by other arrangements.

Avoid stretching or friction across the area for the 1st 3 days to 1-2weeks.  After lifting face/cheeks/jowls, you must open the mouth carefully and narrowly for 1 week.  No gum chewing, yawning, flossing or wider mouth opening for 1 week.  Turn the head carefully for 1 week. In the 2nd week, gradually return to normal movements as able.  Avoid driving while you feel/are restricted in movements or are taking any prescription pain meds.  For SPYDR, avoid stretch or pressure on the area for 1-2 weeks while in tape and the garment.  Activity is gradually increased after that to full intensity at 6 weeks.

If a wound opens, keep the area covered with a clean bandage changed daily and use a clean compress x5-10 minutes for any bleeding.  Contact me for other directions.

You should apply polysporin to nonbandaged wounds 2-3 times a day for 5 days.  Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide to the site.  If steri strips are on the wound, do not peel them off for 1-2 weeks if at all possible.

Signs of infection include warmth at the area, redness, soreness, thick drainage +/- odor.  Some pinkness around the incision and sutures is normal and should not extend more than a fingers width.  Some clear yellow, watery fluid or white film is normal and can be gently patted away.  Change bandages daily for the first 3 days and longer if there is any fluid, drainage or open areas or if a bandage feels better to you.  Antibiotic pills can be prescribed starting 2days prior to the procedure and continuing to the day after if you wish, however this may not completely eliminate risk of infection.  Infection is uncommon but possible.

You will see some gathering of skin folds or areas which look pinched.  Do not manipulate these areas as you will irreparably loosen your lift.  At the 1 week follow up appointment, any needed manipulations of pinched areas will be done by the physician but generally, folds resolve within a few weeks.  Excessive laxity or redundancy may require other procedures and/or removal for better cosmetic result.  If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead at CB Skin Secrets 402-915-2756 during clinic hours.  Other calls will be returned as able but if there is an emergency