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The 25% off ALL Colorescience sale has been extended through April 2nd! No joke! Contact me now for curbside pick up tomorrow and avoid long shipping delays!

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CB Skin Secrets Video Visits, Product Sale and New Early Easter Basket Drawing 4/3/2020!

As we change our routines for slowing COVID-19 progression, some things don’t change. We all must prioritize taking care of ourselves and each other! So, while I am not able to do BBL, Laser, thermiSmooth, thermiVa, InstaLift, or injectables currently, I AM able to keep your skin in great shape with medical grade, professional strength products for anti aging, antioxidant protection, prevention, correction and covering sun damage!

Colorescience 25% OFF sale ends March 31 so hurry to get the BEST deals! Obagi is 20% OFF or buy a Full NuDerm kit and get a FREE tretinoin! Latisse is $20 OFF! Grande Lips or Lashes, Neova Moisture Mask or Lip Repair, Osmosis Moisture Masks are ALL 20% OFF!

I am also able to do Video Visits with messenger video chat, Zoom, FaceTime or just simple phone calls to help with your order or skin concerns in lieu of in office consults. On line scheduling is turned off for office visits now, but will be made available for these Virtual Visits! Until then, contact me directly to make arrangements.

Curbside pick up of products is quick and easy! Just preorder and pay the emailed invoice with credit card. You can otherwise bring cash or check to the arranged pick up time. Text or call when you pull up and I will bring your order to you!

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Dr Stacey E Whitehead

text or VM 402.915.2756

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Enter to win an Early Easter treat (retail value ~$120) from CB Skin Secrets! All you have to do is contact me with your product order for curbside pick up by THIS Friday March 27, 2020 before 1pm!

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The FREE basket is canvas covered and holds a Brand NEW Total Protection Color Balm in Bronze, a Total Eye 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy, a great Eucalyptus mint aromatherapy candle and 3 Lindor candies!

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Dr Stacey E Whitehead 402-915-2756

Iowa Salons, Medical Spas etc Closed Through March 31, 2020

According to the Iowa Dept of Public Health, as part of the current state of emergency requiring physical distancing to reduce spread of COVID-19, all Iowa Salons and Barbershops, Med Spas, sites for Tanning, Tattoos, Massage, Swimming must close through March 31, 2020. Depending on local circumstances, I may be closed longer to help at the hospital.

I voluntarily closed my clinic to new appointments last week to be proactive as physical isolation is our best protection.

I CAN still take product (ALL products are on sale!) orders and consult with you via phone, text, email, FB messenger or FaceTime. I still have some $100 FREE Gift Card activation codes for Jeuveau that just need run before month end. I will hold the credit for you for 6months or longer to complete treatment, no worries about that! Contact me quick to get your code!

I will be packaging products orders at least 2-3 times a week for pick up or shipment so let me know what you want with the active sale!!

Please continue to wash hands often, keep physical distance from others, rest and practice stress relieving activity, exercise, stay aware rather than afraid, keep your faith and be positive with your mindset and interactions! I have been SO impressed with the kindness, graciousness and patience I have witnessed thus far during this pandemic.

Take care of yourself and each other, come see me virtually!

Dr Stacey E Whitehead 402.915.2756

WooHoo! Stay Home and Shop the Colorescience and ALL Product Sale NOW at CB Skin Secrets!

The 25% OFF Colorescience Sale starts NOW! You don’t have to wait until the 24th after all, but this level of discount WILL end March 30!

Latisse 5ml kits are $20 OFF!

ALL OBAGI and Suzan Obagi is 20% OFF!

Grande Lash and Lips products, Lip Repair, Moisture Masks, & ALL other products are 20% OFF!

Contact me via text/VM 402.915.2756, or to arrange delivery or pick up, EASY!

If you are currently a patient of mine and I have registered you for Colorescience Lasting Beauty Rewards where you get rebate points when you have tried on the products in my office, you can also order directly from

Thanks to ALL my patients who are protecting themselves, their families and our community with continued vigilance against the spread of illness! Stay in as much as you can and stay healthy!

Dr Stacey E Whitehead 402.915.2756

CB Skin Secrets Good News and Bad News: $100 Gift Card Offer, Products on SALE and Coronavirus Pandemic Policy Update

With the new Coronavirus requiring us all to socially isolate in effort to prevent the spread of infection, we are facing cancellations and disruptions of our normal routines. However troubling, the more vigilant we all are with these efforts, the better for everyone. It’s not easy to say the least, but despite the uncertainties, you can count on CB Skin Secrets to have your best health interests in mind!

I am voluntarily blocking out the schedule for any more appointments to be scheduled indefinitely until the heightened risk of transmission is passed. I urge you to follow the current CDC and local health department recommendations to avoid any unnecessary ventures out. Take heart in knowing this is not done in vain or out of an irrational fear. Slowing and limiting the spread will allow safer and better management for all involved; we KNOW that it works.

If you already have an appointment set in the next week or two and would like to postpone, please reach out to me by voicemail or text 402-915-2756 or email I will be attempting to contact you as well.

On the bright side, I have some GOOD NEWS! The first 20 people to contact me can get a $100 virtual gift card towards Jeuveau treatment (the modern version of botox) within the next 6 months! You MUST hurry though, the gift cards expire March 31, 2020! Please, ONLY contact me if you plan to proceed with Jeuveau treatment (no cash value towards other products or services), see for more information. Actual treatment can wait but this offer can’t!

More GOOD NEWS! I CAN still help you with great skincare product orders for shipment or arranged pick up! The Colorescience 25% off sale on purchases of $100 or more is March 24-30, 2020! Also, I have Latisse $20 OFF, Obagi and all other products 20% OFF!

I will continue to respond to inquiries via text, VM, email, facebook and may follow the trend in video consults for those with face time or skype capabilities as well! More to come on that soon!

Take care! Come see me, virtually!

Stacey E. Whitehead, MD 402-915-2756

CB Skin Secrets is Open with Protective Measures for COVID-19

For any of my past, current or future patients, I hope you know I prioritize your health and safety (as well as that of my family and my own). As the COVID-19 epidemic unfolds, CB Skin Secrets remains open with visits by appointment as normal. I will continue to monitor and respect recommendations from the CDC or other regulatory agencies and will post and make best efforts to contact patients directly if any cancellations or postponements are needed.

Of course, if you or a close contact are symptomatic with fever, upper respiratory illness or any other potentially contagious condition, please contact me and we will adjust the timing of your visit accordingly. I have never penalized patients for making even last minute changes but I certainly appreciate any notice you can give. I would much prefer we reschedule than take chances with spreading illness.

In general, I encourage you to wash hands thoroughly and frequently with warm water and soap for at least 20seconds. Use lotion often to prevent cracked and dry skin, especially if hand sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol is used as an alternative.

Avoiding large groups or people with compromised immunity especially if you or a close contact are symptomatic is best.

Get extra sleep, 7 hrs is the minimum for most people but you likely know how much you need to feel good. Shoot for a bit more sleep, your health may depend on it!

Make time to meditate, stretch or relax quietly for at least 5-15minutes a day. You deserve that!

Eat a variety of real, unprocessed food (more vegetables, fresh or frozen fruit, grass fed and pasture raised meat and dairy (although less dairy may be a good idea).

Avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners especially those with high fructose amounts. Stevia or coconut sugar are acceptable in moderation. Unbleached cane sugar is better than honey or white sugar. Look up lists for low glycemic foods. These cause fewer dramatic shifts in your blood sugar and help stop cravings and food binge urges. Really!!

Along those lines, limit grains and flour. You don’t have to go full keto, paleo or gluten free but less GMO exposure and less inflammatory foods is a good practice. Carbs are basically linked sugars. Fuel your body wisely!

NO trans fats (avoid ALL hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils).

Moderate caffeine intake is ok but at least 70-100oz of actual drinking water daily is very important!

While on the subject of general health (and since I’m already feeling preachy), wear at least SPF 30 daily! Reapplication every 2-3 hours as recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology, is encouraged. At least applying the highest quality agents, like the all mineral, multifunctional products with optimized ingredients from Colorescience every day is a great start. Since reapplication is made easy using your Sunforgettable brush, you can better protect your skin and health while looking and feeling great with less hassle than you think!

Note that NO ONE is recommending wearing a face mask for the general public. Covering your coughs and sneezes IS a MUST with immediate and thorough hand cleansing, just like you do after using the bathroom or before making food, after contact with animals or frequently touched surfaces. Health care providers or those with symptoms will need the masks however.

Here is an article written by Dr Terry Wahls with some more details and advice for staying healthy including some supplements she recommends.

Let’s all stay positive, stay proactive and stay healthy! Let me know how I can help!

Dr Stacey E. Whitehead 402-915-2756

Spring Savings at CB Skin Secrets!

March-April 2020 at CB Skin Secrets brings ways to save your skin and your wallet!

Get 25% OFF Colorescience purchases of $100 or more from March 24-30th! There are many ways to get quick rebates as well!

Save $180 on PRP injections or topical with Mesopen or Laser! Want to get even more rejuvenating power while minimizing downtime? Add AmnioFix topical with Mesopen or Laser/Profractional and get $200 in FREE products! Oooh baby!

BBL Permanent Hair Reduction buy 3 get 1 FREE for any single area!

*Get a $100 gift card towards $200 or more of Jeuveau, the Hi-Pure modern made tox! *ONLY while supplies last!

Come see me to get ready for Spring!

Make your complimentary appointment at, VM or text 402-915-2756 or email