MesoPen Micro Needling Pre and Post Care Instructions

  1. Your first appointment will be for discussing your aesthetic goals and options, treatment will generally be scheduled separately.  A baseline picture may be taken of you for your file.
  2. I use your own platelets and plasma obtained with Eclipse PRP® or other agents previously studied for safety and effectiveness topically and transdermally.  No other patient’s blood or blood products are used for you just as your blood will not be used for anyone else.
  3. Prior to micro needling or injection, please notify me if you have a rash or infection near or at the planned injection site as we will need to reschedule your treatment.
  4. 5-7 days prior to treatment avoid blood thinning agents such as Aspirin, Motrin, Aleve, fish oil, Vitamin E or for 48 hours, alcohol. Tylenol is OK. Please notify me if you are using prescription or non-prescription blood thinners or other supplements which may affect platelet function.  Bruising is most common around the eyes or surface vessels.  I make every effort to avoid bruising, but it may still happen. Bruising is usually minimal but may take around 2 weeks to resolve completely. Using Colorescience ALL mineral spf such as All Calm, Even Up and Mineral Corrective Palette are recommended afterwards to protect and conceal immediately. 
  5. Please avoid caffeine 1-2hrs before the procedure for more comfort.
  6. PRP and all collagen building agents will show some improvement in volume immediately but collagen production takes 4-7weeks to start.  A second treatment is generally recommended at 3-8weeks and a discount is given for purchase of a series as more than one session is usually needed and recommended.  Other agents used for indications like cellulite or stretch mark reduction, hair regrowth, or pigment control will also require repeated treatment and maintenance.
  7. You should return in 3-8 weeks after MesoPen Micro Needling with PRP. Sometimes it can be difficult to match expectations with results, but I will strive to accurately inform you of what to expect.  I appreciate your trust.  At your follow up visit we will take your “After” photo.  This photo will not be shared without your written permission, but is key to demonstrating changes you may not see from day to day. Know that after this time period, results continue to improve!
  8. Following your injection or micro needling treatment, please do not lie face down for 4 hours or wear a restricting garment over the area (hats, goggles).  Avoid excess heat, cold or pressure to the treated area for 3 days after PRP.  Swelling resolves in ~4days after injections and quicker after Micro Needling.  Use old towels or sheets on your bed the first night and sleep with your face and head slightly elevated to lessen swelling. Please contact me is you have severe swelling or concerns. Over the counter antihistamines (allergy pills like zyrtec or benadryl) can help and in some instances a short dose of a mild steroid can be prescribed to help manage swelling.
  9. If you think you are having an allergic reaction to something or have difficulty seeing or breathing, call 911 and or seek urgent/emergent medical care from your local ER or Urgent Care Center and only LATER contact me to report the issue. I am NOT able to help you on an urgent or emergent basis but I DO want and need to know any troubles you have.
  10. If you would like to reapply makeup, please do so gently over the treated area after 24-48 hours.  Colorescience or Lycogel makeup can be applied after treatment or application of an aqua cooling mask but other products are to wait 1-2 days.  Please avoid heavy exercise or sweating for the first 12-24 hours after treatment.  Micro channels are closed within hours but added time for caution is advised.
  11. There are several other treatments and products available which can be used concurrently Micro Needling and PRP.  If you have aesthetic goals that you haven’t met, ask me what other treatments may be right for you as the order of procedures may need adjusted.
  12. Avoid retinoids or tretinoin, exfolliators or any other acids or potential irritants for 3 days before and after treatment.  Use sunscreen/block liberally on a daily basis for best protection.
  13. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead at CB Skin Secrets 402-915-2756 and leave a message or email  All contacts will be returned as able but if there is urgent need, contact your primary doctor, urgent care, or for emergencies, call 911 or go to the ER.