Avelar, S-lift, Biopsy, Removal or Plasty Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

1. Avoid aspirin, motrin (ibuprophen), vitamin E, alcohol (or any agent that would potentiate bleeding/bruising) for 5-7 days prior to you treatment.   Please notify me if you are on any prescription blood thinners and stop them for 5-7 days prior to treatment if this is allowed by the prescribing physician.  Even following these steps does not prevent all bleeding/bruising.  Tylenol is adequate pain control for most patient following most procedures.

2.   Caffeine will sensitize pain receptors and is best avoided the morning of the procedure.  Take Tylenol 1-2 hours prior or ask for a prescription pain killer to be filled prior if preferred (but you must arrange to be driven to and from the procedure in that case).  A topical anesthetic and/or cold air may be used during the treatment to improve comfort.  Injection of anesthetics may be employed as well.

3.   Please reschedule if you have a rash or infection at or near the treatment site.

4.   Do not use hot water, rub or scratch at the treated area.  After 2 days from the procedure if the incision appears sealed, water can be splashed to or run over the area and it can be gently patted/wiped when you are comfortable to do so.

8.   Some treated areas may swell, especially around the eyes/mouth.  Keep the area elevated when sleeping for the first 2 nights or while swollen.  Use cold packs or cold rags as needed.  If a post-treatment garment was recommended, bring it to the procedure for immediate wearing which will be continuous for the first 3 days or until any applied support tape is removed.  You are advised to continue wearing the garment for 6 weeks as much as possible.

9.   A pattern on the skin may be noted where sutures lie once they are removed.  This will fade over time.  The scar will mature over 1-2 years and will fade and flatten after initially being pink and protruding.

10. Avoid sun to the scar area and cover it with clothes to minimize scarring.  Sunscreen helps protect the area as well, but the more complete avoidance of sun damage, the less noticeable the final scar will be.

11. Avoid stretching of or friction across the area.  The closure will gradually gain strength but will generally always be weaker than native skin.  The first 6 weeks will be crucial for initial strengthening of closure.  Exercise can be resumed gradually provided that the treated area is not stretched or irritated.

12. If a wound opens, keep the area covered with a clean bandage changed daily and use a clean compress for 5 minutes for any bleeding.  Contact me for other directions.

13. You may apply polysporin to exposed wounds a few times a day if desired.  Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide to the site.  If I gave you other specific directions, follow them unless I tell you otherwise.  If steri strips are on the wound, do not pick or peel them off but replace or reinforce for 1-2 weeks minimum and replace/continue use for a month if at all possible.  I will instruct you if the initial dressings/steri strips should stay on for me to remove at the post procedure follow up visit.

14. Signs of infections include warmth at the area, redness and soreness, drainage which is thick or has odor.   You can use polysporin 3 times a day but call me if these symptoms occur.  Some pinkness immediately around the incision and sutures is normal and should not extend more than a fingers width.  Some clear yellow, watery fluid or white film is normal and can be gently patted away.  Bandages should be worn for the first 2 days (or as long as I instructed) and longer if there is any fluid, drainage or open areas or if protection with a bandage feels better to you.

15. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Stacey E. Whitehead at CB Skin Secrets 402-915-2756 during clinic hours or email.  Questions and calls will be returned as able but if there is an emergency, call 911 or go to the ER.