Patient Deb – 52 Years Old And – She Needed A Change

Deb Says Creams And Moisturizers Led To Her Ultimate Decision – Silhouette Lift


Q: Deb – What did you have done by Dr. Stacey Whitehead?

Deb – I had a Silhouette Lift performed. It was awesome. Or should I say, still is. I just turned 52 and was becoming conscious of aging in my face – something that runs in my family.

Q: Lots of women fall into that – some premature aging – but – there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. It’s about finding the right technology – isn’t it?

Deb – Yes. I was considering other options – and ran across Dr. Whitehead’s brochure. Especially, I was concerned about the (post) length of time – recovery.

Q: And knowing that if anything changes – you can have it taken care of. Here you are, you’re 52 and saw this coming.

CB Secrets Facelift SilhouetteDeb – I spent hundreds of dollars over the years in treatments – moisturizers and such. So, yes, this took a while.

Q: What other procedures did you look at?

Deb – There was a place out of Kansas City – “Lifestyle Lift” and others. So, yes I did some shopping around. I took my time – but, I had my mind made up that – I wanted to do something. I wanted the down time to be very minimal and also knowing that they would not be doing any incisions on my face. Dr. Whitehead made me feel very at ease. That was the turning point.

Q: After the procedure – what were people saying?

Deb – The most important feedback to me – came from my three grown boys. They each gave me compliments and said I had made a great decision.

Q: So, sum this up for us.

Deb: If you don’t like what you see in the mirror – you have choices and you want to do everything that’s possible.  This was a process for me – I started out with creams and moisturizers. Then, I found myself looking at procedures. I shopped around – then came to Silhouette through Dr. Stacy Whitehead. I’m glad I did it. It really has made me feel like a new person.