CB Skin Secrets Patient Jen Talks About Her Silhouette Lift

Silhouette Lift Is Proven For Those Who Want The Best – For Less

Patient Jen Talks About “Shopping” With Her Friend

Q: Jen – you have a very interesting story. You and a friend were shopping for facelifts.

Jen – Yes – with another doctor, I made an appointment to get a facelift – with a friend. We were quoted a price way up there. That turned me off. I was then told about Dr. Whitehead and the Silhouette Lift.

Q: So, you didn’t go for the more expensive facelift?

Jen: That’s correct. After seeing what Silhouette could do – and the price was certainly right – I went to Dr. Whitehead.

Q: And your friend?

Jen: Although she told me about Dr. Whitehead – she went for the more expensive, longer lift. With – the other doctor.

facelift before and after photoQ: Interesting story. So, here you are – friends. You have yours. She has hers.

Jen: And, she paid over 4X the money – and her recovery was not good. It took weeks for her to get going again.

Q: And – what were your results?

Jen: Fantastic. As much as the results were great, my recovery was far different than my friend’s. I was back to work in no time.

Q: – How about your friend’s results.

Jen: She looks good – no doubt, but honestly – I got way more bang for my buck. I can kid about it now, but at the time, she was mad. And, in her recovery: she got sick/nauseated.

Q: She did a longer facelift –one that takes a few hours at least.

Jen – That’s right. One other thing: I never told my husband I was doing this. He would have been against it. When I came home, he was in shock. But, I knew when he saw the results, he would change his mind. And, he did.

Q: What did other folks say?

Jen – I went on a trip and friends swore I had a facelift, but really didn’t know. I had lots of compliments.

Q: How long had you been thinking of this?

Jen – A few years. I was in and out and – it really helped that I had a friend who wanted to do something too.

Q: – And, to look at you now, how many years did Silhouette shave off you?

Jen: Easily five – but that’s hard to say – because – I had sagging skin for a long time. So, I’m being conservative.

Q: Jen – thanks for your time today.

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