How to Apply Latisse

How to apply:

1. Wash your face at night.

2. Place one to two drops of Latisse in the bottlelid.

3. Dip the FDA approved applicator into cap and draw the applicator acrossupper eyelid margin.

4. Repeat step 3 for the other eye then rinse the lid.

5. Dispose of applicator and wipe away any excess or misplaced product.


•Latisse is applied to upper eyelid margin only. Apply every night for 16 weeks.

•If irritation occurs, stop using for a week and than start using 3x a week for acouple weeks. Work your way up to applying Latisseevery night.

•Make sure the office has taken before photos of your lashes.

•Return to the office in 8 weeks and/or 16weeks forphotos. 3ml kits will last ~8weeks and 5ml kits will last ~16weeks.

•If your desired length and fullness occur at 16 weeks, you may use Latisse 3-5xa week for maintenance.

•If you wish your lashes to become longer and fuller continue usage every night.

•If you have pink eye or a nearby infection, avoid use at that time